The Number House

The Firm

The Number House is an owner managed Book-keeping and Management Accountancy service established in 1999 (rebranded to The Number House in 2003).

We provide full Book-keeping services, from record keeping, Vat Returns, Payroll and Paye to Credit Controlling and Cashflow Reports.

Our Management Accountancy team provide monthly or quarterly Financial Reports where comparison with budgets and/or departmental reporting is often required.

Our experience can hone your Business Strategy and support in the development of a business plan.  Our service can include the provision of budgets and projections, helping you focus on the strategic elements of your enterprise.

We have the flexibility to work locally with your team or remotely at our own premises.  We have a track record that brings tailored solutions and procedures to any organisation, allowing us to work as effectively as possible.

We have a wide customer base and have experience in industry specific software and reporting such as, Law Society Interim Certificates, Construction Industry Schemes for Builders etc.

Our initial introduction to any potential client is informal and predominantly focused on the systems/software/team currently in place and establish if this provides the information required by the owner/manager to operate their business with minimum time spent on administration. 

This initial meeting ensures we can build an effective working relationship – working on financial accounts is a role of trust and whilst accuracy and consistency is vital, personality and approachability are also key components.

Our experience has demonstrated that our singular focus on your financial records allows us to deliver a more efficient service as we are not prone to distractions.

Formalising our relationship will allow us to agree a Service Level Agreement that not only demonstrates costs and terms and conditions but gives you a clear understanding of what you can expect from us. 

You are then allocated a dedicated member of our team, (or two, depending on the work required) to ensure consistency.  From the outset we document every step we take processing your accounts, so should your dedicated team member be away, another member of our team can step in with  the minimum of disruption. 

Quality control underpins everything we do.