Why choose us?

What you find when you talk to us

You’ll find us approachable and friendly. Much of our work comes to us through referral by clients who have benefited from our wide range of services.

We’ll talk to you in plain English. We know you want clear, concise information and don’t want to spend time sifting through complex technical accounts jargon.

We’re flexible. We can work at your premises or collect your books and paperwork and return everything to you within your deadlines.

We gear our systems to tie in with yours. Our aim is to ease the pain of financial management, reduce paperwork and keep you fully informed and up to date with how your business is performing.

We’ll help you make the best use of your resources. We can identify the areas of your business that are the least profitable and those you should be looking to build on.

We help you stay focused on your core objectives. We can monitor performance and compare with projections and report these to you every month, in a format you understand.

We stay focused. As we are not part of your regular staff we are totally focused on the agreed job, we don’t get distracted.

We have been established since 1999 and have an experienced team.

We have a wide knowledge base of Book-keeping and Management Accountancy systems and software and actively promote training to ensure we stay up to date.

We focus exclusively on delivering what the client wants and needs.

We view Book-keeping as a commodity product which can be delivered in bite sized chunks – this allows us to tailor our systems to suit you and your business.

What we can do for your business

You want to make your business work, to make it thrive. You want the freedom and flexibility to concentrate on your customers and minimise the time you have to spend on administration. You also want to have confidence in your financial recording systems and peace of mind that your business complies with all of its accounting and tax responsibilities. You want to know how your business is performing on a regular basis and have faith that information is accurate.

The Number House provide experienced, competent Book-keeping and Management Accountancy support and customise a system to suit your needs. We can even help to build a strategy for growth and help you stay focused on your core objectives.